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Wrestle Ohio

Huskie Howard Interviews Lou Marconi

Marconi suplexing Gideon Malice.

Marconi suplexing Gideon Malice.

Huskie: Wrestling fans welcome back to Wrestle Ohio. Today I am joined by the current NWA National Champion, Lou Marconi. Lou how are you doing today? Thanks for joining us here at Wrestle Ohio.

Marconi: Thanks for having me!

Huskie: Before we get into the wrestling portion of this, let’s go outside of the ring for a minute. What are you doing when you aren’t in the ring?

Marconi: I run a sales territory for Progressive Insurance in Eastern North Carolina.

Huskie: What is your current entrance music? And why did you choose it?

Marconi: Black Sabbath-Nativity in black. I like the song I heard it in the hangover three so I thought that would be good.

Huskie: How long have you been in the wrestling business?

Marconi: It will be 21 years in April.

Huskie: What made you want to become a professional wrestler?

Marconi: I was always a fan of wrestling growing up and it was something I wanted to do.

Huskie: Where did you train?

Marconi: I trained at the Ohio Monster Factory in Marion, Ohio by Charlie Fulton.

Huskie: What was your training like?

Marconi: It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, that ring was very hard.

Huskie: How long did you train before you had your first match?

Marconi: Two months, that was pretty quick.

Huskie: How did your first match turnout? And do you feel that you were ready to be in the ring?

Marconi: I felt it turned out great. I always thought I was ready to wrestle.

Huskie: What motivates you to get in the ring?

Marconi: The NWA World Title.

Huskie: People prepare for matches in many different ways. Lou, how do you prepare for a match?

Marconi: I run 4 miles a day six days a week and lift weights for two hours a day four days a week.

Huskie: Who are your influences in wrestling?

Marconi: Bret Hart, Curt Henning and Charlie Fulton.

Marconi with Charlie & Bobby Fulton.

Marconi with Charlie & Bobby Fulton.

Huskie: What is your favorite match of all time?

Marconi: The Rock ‘n Roll Express versus the Russians for the NWA tag team titles.

Huskie: What is your favorite match that you have been involved in?

Marconi: Wrestlecade 2012 I was a masked Russian with Ivan Koloff as my manager and I wrestled the rock ‘n roll express and Tommy Young as a referee.

Huskie: What is the craziest match you have ever seen? What is the craziest match you have been involved in?

Marconi: The Hell in the Cell match when Mick Foley was thrown off the top of the cage, that as the craziest match I’ve ever seen. I was in I quit match against T- Rantuala, I was power bombed through the entranceway of particleboard.

Huskie: What is the funniest thing you have seen happen in the ring?

Marconi: I seen a guy actually crap himself.

Huskie: Who are some of your favorite and least favorite people to work with?

Marconi: My favorite was Tito Santana. My least favorite was David Sammartino.

Huskie: Who is the toughest opponent you have faced?

Marconi: Steve Austin.

Huskie: Who is the best all-around wrestler you have been in the ring with?

Marconi: Tito Santana.

Huskie: I know you have worked for WWE, ECW and NWA so I know you have had the opportunity to wrestle some big names in the business. You have mentioned a couple already. Can you tell us who some of the other stars were?

Marconi: Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, Dominic DiNucci, Al snow. Iron Sheik, Steve Austin Mark Mero and Tito Santana. I can’t think of anybody else right now.

Huskie: What was it like working with guys of that caliber? And did they have any advice for you?

Marconi: When you’re in there with them you feel like it’s a completely different level. Best advice they gave me was to keep training and keep wrestling as much as possible.

Huskie: What is your dream match?

Marconi: If I could go back in time I would love to wrestle Lou Thesz.

Marconi taking the fight to Nitro.

Marconi taking the fight to Nitro.

Huskie: What is it like being on the road traveling from show to show?

Marconi: It’s actually pretty boring I do a lot of reading.

Huskie: If you could wrestle anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Marconi: I have to say Madison Square Garden just to say that I did it.

Huskie: You’re still active on the Indy scene here in Ohio. What are your thoughts on Indy wrestling in Ohio?

Marconi: Actually I’m not that active in Ohio I live in North Carolina now. I did come up for the NWA a few times that’s all I really seen the last few years.

Marconi: It’s completely different more guys are not trained properly.

Huskie: In your opinion what could be done to make the Indy scene better?

Marconi: I think the veterans need to take the locker rooms back and guys have to get trained properly.

Huskie: What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your career?

Marconi: I was always told I wasn’t big enough, so I have to say my size.

Huskie: What are some of the highest and lowest points in your career?

Marconi: My highest point right now is been the National Champion for the NWA. My lowest was when I was 27 years old and I injured my back and was put on the shelf for a while.

Huskie: You have done a lot of things in your career that some people wish they could have the chance to do. You have worked for some of the biggest companies in wrestling, we will talk more about that a little bit later. What else is there for Lou Marconi to accomplish in his wrestling career?

Marconi: To become NWA World Champion.

Huskie: As we’ve touched on you have worked for the WWE, ECW and NWA. How did those opportunities come about? And what was it like working for those companies?

Marconi: With WWE a lot of the guys knew Charlie and he recommended me. With ECW the Blue Meanie got me in there. And with the NWA it was recommendations from Johnny Lightning, Cueball Carmichael and Ray Rowe.

Huskie: What companies do you currently work for?

Marconi: The NWA.

Huskie: Why should a promoter book you?

Marconi: Because I am the best at what I do.

Huskie: What does it mean to be a promotions champion?

Marconi choking out his opponent.

Marconi choking out his opponent.

Marconi: It means a great deal of responsibility. You’re the name and the face of the company.

Huskie: Is there anything that you would like to say to the promoters who have given you a chance in your career?

Marconi: Thank you very much!

Huskie: Do you have any advice for those who are looking to get into the wrestling business?

Marconi: Yes, get trained properly by a reputable professional.

Huskie: What is the best advice you have received in your career?

Marconi: Charlie Fulton told me that I have two ears and one mouth that means I should listen twice as much as I talk.

Huskie: Do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Marconi: Yes, I truly appreciate the support that they’ve given me over the years.

Huskie: How can fans follow you online?

Marconi: My Facebook page and twitter @beefstew1973

Huskie: Before our time runs out do you have any good stories that you would like to share with us?

Marconi: I can tell you the time when I met my wife and how I wasn’t supposed to be there, I went there anyway because it was a blizzard so sometimes destiny and fate have something in place for you.

Huskie: Lou, it’s been a pleasure talking to you but unfortunately our time has run out. I want to thank you again for joining us here at Wrestle Ohio.

Marconi: Thank you!

Huskie: Alright wrestling fans be sure you to get out to a show near you and watch Mr. Marconi do what he does best and that is wrestle. Until next time you have been Hanging with Huskie.

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